The story of “Retro Museum” begins about 10 years ago. It all starts with the purchase of a russian automobile with a legendary for its time brand – “Zhiguli”, also known technically as the modification VAZ 21013.

Togliatti’s charmer is the main reason for us to be what we are today. It was the inspiration of the founder and owner of the museum Cvetan Atanasov. After its purchase a golden age of exhibit procurement followed. Exhibits that you can see today in the lustrous auditorium of the museum.

Many everyday objects as well as automobiles and motorcycles manufactured during the socialism are purchased. Afterwards multiple wax sculptures of famous singers, actors, musicians and politicians from the era of socialism are added to the collection of exhibits.

The hard work and resources put in the realisation of the project were truly immense.

Every single automobile and motorcycle is restored flawlessly. For that purpose a great collection of restorers, upholsters and artists work vigorously day and night, all of whom left their mark on the artefacts. The quality of the restoration is indeed world class.

After years of hard work and passionate preparations Mr. Cvetan Atanasov’s dream has come true. On the 1st of May “Retro Museum” opened doors for its visitors.

Situated at the heart of Grand Mall on a surface area of 4 acres it quickly becomes one of the main attractions in the city of Varna. According to many of our visitors the museum has no equal on a world scale.

Our collection will keep enriching and growing as in time we wish to add even more vehicles and objects to our exhibit.

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