Rules of visit

“Retro Museum” is opened for visitors year-round with the exception of the official holidays when there can be changes of the working hours as per Grand Mall’s rules. The working hours in the period between 01.04 and 31.12 are 10:00-22:00 while in the period between 01.01-31.03 they are 10:00-21:00.

It is forbidden to:

  1. Bring food and drinks into the museum with the sole exception of water.
  2. Enter the museum’s premises with a pet.
  3. To jump over the fences surrounding the vehicles and objects.
  4. Use electronic cigarettes or any other vaping device.

You can take as many photos as you want, but only behind the fences of the exhibits.

In the auditorium you’ll be able to enjoy popular bulgarian music of the socialist era which contributes for an even more authentic experience in “Retro Museum”. For that purpose the museum is equipped with a professional audio system.

In front of every automobile and motorcycle you can find short information projected on an individual monitor in four different languages – Bulgarian, Russian, English and German.

For additional information about the exhibits you can turn to our staff.

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